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Frequently Asked Questions

The Cartilaginators are designed to precisely prepare the joint for fusion. There are seven different styles of Cartilaginators – Flat Single Sided, Flat Double Sided, Flat Saw Tip, Large Curved Convex (3D), Large Curved Concave (3D), Small Curved Convex (3D), and Small Curved Concave (3D). The chart below shows which procedures each may be used for, based on surgeon feedback.

The Cartilaginators are available in a non-sterile caddy along with a Joint Prep Rasp and Fenestrating Drill. The Flat Single-Sided and Double-Sided Cartilaginators are also offered in the Freedom Lapidus Joint Preparation and Alignment System. The Cartilaginators will be available sterile-packaged in Summer 2024!

Minimal pressure should be applied to ensure control is maintained while preparing the joint. To avoid excessive heat, it is recommended to use The Cartilaginators on low power speeds (50% power) for the most effective joint preparation. Lower speed settings like “oscillate” or “ream” are equally effective and recommended.

To clean, insert the tip of The Cartilaginator in a saline bath and run it on power. Alternatively, the sharp end of a guidewire can be used to clear excess cartilage by passing it through the channels.

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