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The Cartilaginator

The device changing fusion cases for good.


The Cartilaginator

The device changing fusion cases for good.

By procedure

How it’s Used

See the versatility of The Cartilaginator across foot and ankle surgeries.

Procedure Type* Single Sided Double Sided Large Concave Large Convex Small Concave Small Convex Saw Tip
Ankle Fusion
Double Arthodesis
Midfoot Fusion
MTP Fusion
NC Fusion
Subtalar Fusion
Triple Arthodesis

*Based on surgeon reported usage

The Details

The Benefits of The Cartilaginator

Discover how The Cartilaginator can transform your surgical practice with unparalleled efficiency, precision, and patient outcomes.


Quickly prepare the joint for fusion

Designed to decrease joint prep time* time compared to traditional joint preparation tools.

*Data on file


Increase accuracy in joint preparation

Engineered to control the depth of joint preparation and minimize the amount of bone removal


Anatomically contoured to match the joint

Optionality allows the surgeon to choose the style that best facilitates congruency of the distal and proximal joint surfaces

Ease of Use

Permits a minimal incision approach

Intended to promote improved recovery and decreased post operative pain or discomfort.

The Specifics

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The Results

What doctors are saying…

For insights into the transformative impact of The Cartilaginator in fusion cases, read testimonials from surgeons who have experienced its benefits firsthand.

Answers to your questions

The Cartilaginators are designed to precisely prepare the joint for fusion. There are seven different styles of Cartilaginators – Flat Single Sided, Flat Double Sided, Flat Saw Tip, Large Curved Convex (3D), Large Curved Concave (3D), Small Curved Convex (3D), and Small Curved Concave (3D). The chart below shows which procedures each may be used for, based on surgeon feedback.

The Cartilaginators are available in a non-sterile caddy along with a Joint Prep Rasp and Fenestrating Drill. The Flat Single-Sided and Double-Sided Cartilaginators are also offered in the Freedom Lapidus Joint Preparation and Alignment System. The Cartilaginators will be available sterile-packaged in Summer 2024!

Minimal pressure should be applied to ensure control is maintained while preparing the joint. To avoid excessive heat, it is recommended to use The Cartilaginators on low power speeds (50% power) for the most effective joint preparation. Lower speed settings like “oscillate” or “ream” are equally effective and recommended.

To clean, insert the tip of The Cartilaginator in a saline bath and run it on power. Alternatively, the sharp end of a guidewire can be used to clear excess cartilage by passing it through the channels.

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